From an early age Vickie was aware of the subtle energies that surround us all. She was a psychic child who was interested in all forms of creative expression. Later in life she would come to realize the strong correlation between creativity and spirituality, as both are an expression of source energy.

While music is at the core of her expression, Vickie also creates art, multimedia, divination decks, adult coloring books, and other tools for personal growth.
Author of several metaphysical themed books, Vickie is continually expanding on her visionary inspirations.


The All Seeing Eye Oracle Cards!

This 50 card oracle deck features the Hamsa like never before.
Created by spiritual artist Vickie Verlie, this deck packed full of rich symbolism to trigger the subconscious mind and offer guidance, insights, and direction.
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Low Key
New Age instrumental album meant to uplift and inspire creativity.

The Sigil Workbook
A comprehensive guidebook and journal
Unlock the Fun & Magic of Sigil Making!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Sigil Making!
A sigil is a sacred symbol that is empowered with your intention.
Anyone can create a sigil, no previous art experience required.
This book contains tools and templates that will aid you in creating a variety of sigils.

Vickie’s latest book of channeled material now available!

Transmissions for Humanity Book III on Amazon

Transmissions for Humanity Book II on Amazon

Transmissions for Humanity book I
Guidance from Higher Dimensional Beings During this Pivotal Time in Human Evolution.

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Tees now available on Teespring and Amazon!

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