From an early age Vickie was aware of the subtle energies that surround us all. She was a psychic child who was interested in all forms of creative expression. Later in life she would come to realize the strong correlation between creativity and spirituality, as both are an expression of source energy.

Born into a family of diverse talents and abilities, Vickie got her artistic talent from her paternal grandmother who was an artist. From her mother’s side – her grandfather was a musician in a polka band, and her maternal grandmother was a psychic. While doing art since she could hold a pencil, it was at age 13 Vickie joined her first rock band, and also got her first Tarot deck bringing all of her ancestral gifts full circle.

Since then Vickie has done all of the things noted above professionally. First as a professional musician gigging up to 6 nights a week year round. After becoming a mother she wanted to stay home with her children and decided to become a graphic designer.

Around that same time The Psychic Friends Network came into being. While Vickie had been reading tarot cards for many years by then, she really hadn’t read professionally until that point. Vickie went on to do thousands of readings on PFN and other psychic networks all throughout the 90’s in conjunction with freelance graphic gigs while raising her children. Because the clients were paying a high cost per minute Vickie learned to tune in quickly and get to the point, as to not waste anyone’s time.
During the late 90’s Vickie expanded her graphic design skills even further, allowing her to do less readings and more graphics.

After the passing of her beloved brother, Vickie stepped in to help her mother at the family business which was a bar. She brought music to the bar featuring local original talent as well as touring bands. She also implemented an open mic night, acoustic jam night, and hosted an awesome jam night featuring her band “The Whammer Jammers.”

Her brother’s passing proved to be too much for her mother to handle, as she also passed a short time later. Vickie kept the bar going for a few more years until finally closing the place in 2008.

By then the great recession was in full swing and finding a job was not easy. Vickie went back into graphic design but much had changed during her absence. To make ends meet she started doing readings again through an online network, using an alias as always.

When astrologers started popping up on Youtube, Vickie decided to take the plunge and let her freak flag fly. In 2013 she “came out” publicly with her otherworldly connections and launched The Rock n Roll Prophetess Youtube Channel.  The Rock n Roll Prophetess is the embodiment of all that she is and the road that she’s traveled thus far.

Since then Vickie has gone on to write books, and create her own decks as well as various other tools for divination. Vickie is continually creating new instruments for spiritual growth and discovery which can be found throughout this site.